"Quando si lavora per piacere agli altri si può non raggiungere lo scopo ma le cose che si compiono per far piacere a noi stessi hanno sempre la probabilità di interessare qualcuno."
Marcel Proust

10/04/2020 Bice Lazzari, mostra ad Artefiera a cura di Richard Saltoun Gallery di Londra

The last time that Bice Lazzari's work was exhibited in Bologna was in 1983 in the exhibition Informal art in Italy at the Galleria d'Arte Moderna. As one of Italy's greatest minimal painters of the 20th century, we are pleased to be able to present her work in Bologna once again - some 35 years later!

Included on our stand at Arte Fiera (stand C1) will be works from what is considered to be her best period, 1964 to 1978, where her work became much more formally rigorous; focused on the ‘rod' (the line) and the ways in which it could be articulated formally as well as lyrically.

This exhibition follows on from her recent exhibitions at the Phillips Collection in Washington D.C., Bice Lazzari: The Poetry of Mark-Making (2018) and Bice Lazzari: Signature Line at the National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington D.C. (2013). Lazzari's work is currently the focus of a major exhibition at the Museo Novecento, Florence and with the New York Times extolling her as one of the great post-war Italian painters, she is certainly an artist to collect.

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