"Quando si lavora per piacere agli altri si può non raggiungere lo scopo ma le cose che si compiono per far piacere a noi stessi hanno sempre la probabilità di interessare qualcuno."
Marcel Proust

07/01/2013 DATA ON IMPERFECTION. Factory-Art Gallery a Berlino

Factory-Art Gallery has the pleasure to invite you to attend the opening:
Thursday the 10th January 6pm > 9pm

Opening: 10 January 6pm > 9pm
Exhibition: 11 January > 08 February 2013 - Tue > Fri - 3pm > 7pm
Mommsenstrasse, 27 - BERLIN 10629

Alessandro Bergonzoni | Gianni Moretti | Maria Elisabetta Novello
Curated by Martina Cavallarin

DATA ON IMPERFECTION is an exhibition highlighting those conceptual aspects of contemporary artistic experimentation where no preference is given to predefined languages but where the focus is on the reiteration of failure intended as an end and a means, on imperfection as a multiplicative and desired  aspect. It is art’s duty to provide some sort of mental physiotherapy to the maladjusted and torn muscle  of collective awareness.
DATA ON IMPERFECTION is an effort of this kind, providing a range of broad views and necessary experimentations.
The installations by Alessandro Bergonzoni, Gianni Moretti, Maria Elisabetta Novello will be hosted in the halls of Factory Art as organisms under transformations, as bodies, figures and mutant tonalities. These become the donors of a data-laden idea â€"e; data pertaining to an order disconnected and unhinged; to that ungovernable order that is the quintessence itself of fallacious and  imperfect man, which is, for this very reason, remarkably interesting. Art acts as an instrument of conscience, as a passage from the private to the public and from the public to the private; art as a system of relations and an infinite negotiation of viewpoints; art as a container and diseased carrier of DATA ON IMPERFECTION. It is necessary to place oneself on the edge of Duchamp’s infra-mince, in that imperceptible and  unclassifiable zone where inhabited is the land in between, where the no man’s land must be regenerated, rehabilitated, translated, touched, seen and lived in.

We're looking forward to meet you!

Factory-Art LTD - 207 Regent Street - LONDON W1B 4ND
Factory-Art Gallery - Mommsenstrasse, 27 - BERLIN 10629

Factory-Art LTD - 207 Regent Street - LONDON W1B 4ND
Factory-Art Gallery - Mommsenstrasse, 27 - BERLIN 10629