"Quando si lavora per piacere agli altri si può non raggiungere lo scopo ma le cose che si compiono per far piacere a noi stessi hanno sempre la probabilità di interessare qualcuno."
Marcel Proust

28/12/2012 Love. Just a chemical reaction? Concorso per ARTISTI a Berlino.

By popular demand PROJECT BERLIN continues in 2013.

You are invited to apply to participate in the first exhibition:
"LOVE (Just a chemical reaction?)"  relative our new 2013 Project Berlin.
The exhibition will take place in our gallery "Factory-Art Gallery", Mommsenstrasse, 27 - 10659 Berlin from 22 February 2013 to 15 March 2013.

Early bird deadline: 31 Dec 2012
Final deadline: 25 Jan 2013

Selected artists will be announced on gallery's webside the 5 Feb 2013
In the website you can find more information. Please, read carefully terms and conditions.

Here you can see the previous exhibition's catalogues:

- "Time Will Come"
- "Born To Be Alive - I Tell You We Must Die!"
- "Turn On, Tune In!"
- "Get Down The Rabbit Hole"
- "May Be (R)Evolution"
- "Not Only"
- "You Can Tell Me!"

Will be selected 12 artists each by 2 works.
The submission is open to all artists, without any limit of age,
sex, nationality or other qualifications.
Each artist can participate with three (3) or more artworks.

And Great News!
Complete your application on www.factory-art.com and in addition, all your submitted works will be published on sale (if you agree) in the new web site www.byart.co.uk for one year.
On the website you will manage your profile and sell your art. 
The site www.byart.co.uk will be available in January 2013.

Thank you.
Best wishes
Mark Jones
Factory-Art  Ltd  -    207   Regent  Street  -  London
Factory-Art Gallery - Mommsenstrasse 27 - Berlin