"Quando si lavora per piacere agli altri si può non raggiungere lo scopo ma le cose che si compiono per far piacere a noi stessi hanno sempre la probabilità di interessare qualcuno."
Marcel Proust

17/05/2016 Molto di più di una mostra, a Dresda, sull'estetica del razzismo

Surveying the Non-Human
On the Aesthetics of Racism.
Proposition IV
May 13 to August 7, 2016
Exhibition from Wolfgang Scheppe for the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden in the Kunsthalle im Lipsiusbau
The term "e;racism"e; is nothing but a moral reproach. The word itself does not criticise the underlying ideology, which excludes individuals bearing visual evidence of their supposed otherness. The latter is claimed to stem from biological differences among people, but in fact only comes about as a political judgement of those regarded as not belonging to one's own nation.

For this reason, this exhibition addresses the relationship between scientific attempts to construct race and common racist notions on the basis of hitherto little known visual material. The two phenomena share an epistemological conviction which lies at the root of all positivism: That the nature of truth appears on the surface of things, hence allowing types of otherness deserving social segregation to be detected from external attributes. This attitude assumes that people can be classified according to their appearance — on the basis of morphological characteristics, most prominently their skin colour — hence the key role played by the image in all forms of racism. It is also why we can talk of the "e;aesthetics of racist thought"e;.